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2023 - Phármakon & Lexicon

Heroin is a fully legitimate means to alleviate the pain we felt and our disgust with a society which has taken on the character of a Potemkin village.

Winners Don't Use Drugs.png
2022 - Un Manifeste Pour Chauffeur

How I understand the philosopher - as a terrible explosive, endangering everthing... my concept of the philosopher is worlds removed from any concept that would include even a Kant, not to speak of academic "ruminants" and other professors of philosophy...

2020 - Home I'll never Be

Oh my god. They found me; I don't know how but they found me. RUN FOR IT, MARTY! Heideggerian psychology for vagabonds.

2014 - Despair

The following work makes a social point in a quiet unobtrusive manner. We the self-conscious who spend all our time thinking in an ineffective fashion; we the enthusiastic, the single-minded and courageous have attempted to answer the “demands” of everyone.

Despair Cover.jpg
2013 - The Prison Mall

The Prison-Mall - a polemic written by Prisoner #26979096 about the machination of society. A worthless and boring treatise on a topic that has been done to death that might be finished at some point.

Prison Mall Cover.jpg
2013 - Fuck You

The phenomenology of being a student – deaf, dumb, blind, mute – youth; crammed, forced, fucked. Fertilization, violent death and rebirth or boredom – children of the board; we are the monotonies; liberty of the ass.

Fuck You Cover.jpg
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